5 things you need for a strong financial portfolio

Save money and money will save you!

At every stage of our lives, we need money to meet our ever-changing needs at different stages of life. Having a solid financial portfolio is essential to meet these needs. As a result, people invest in high-risk funds believing that they create a strong financial portfolio; however, their returns are low. To avoid such big mistakes, you must know HOW to invest before you know WHERE to invest.

Let’s start with HOW to invest and build a strong financial portfolio that can save you!

3 Key Characteristics of a Strong Financial Portfolio

The best portfolio is one that combines good returns with a lower or equal level of risk. This is determined by the investor’s willingness to take risks. Here are some features to consider:

Various investments: By diversifying, you reduce your risk. However, this does not mean investing only in debt (guaranteed income). The investment portfolio must be balanced between investments in shares (risky, non-guaranteed returns) and debt investments. When deciding what percentage of your portfolio to invest in stocks or debt, it’s important to consider your age.

Limited but prudent investment: Do you regularly add new investments to your portfolio? In this case, you are likely to “worsen” your financial portfolio because you are more likely to end up with an unmanageable mixture of investments instead of a simple, wisely chosen, manageable and reliable portfolio that balances your risks and returns.

Balanced investment: As the name suggests, a balanced portfolio is a fair mix of diverse and limited investments. Once you reach this point, keeping your age in mind, all you need to do is track, rebalance and/or replace those investments from time to time.

Having understood HOW to invest, let’s understand WHERE to invest.

5 things you need for a strong financial portfolio

An urban Indian financial portfolio should include the following five items depending on your needs and age:

No. 1. Need tax-free high yields linked to the market | Solution – ULIP

Personal insurance plans (commonly known as ULIPs) and mutual funds operate in the same markets and provide the client with a choice of instruments and exposure to risk. Recently, ULIPs have become a favorable choice, and income from ULIPs is not taxed. Hence, invest in ULIP at an early age as the returns will be higher.

Suggested plan – Future General Dhan Vridhi

No. 2. Need – Guaranteed income for your child’s future | Solution – child plans

Parents play a big role in the life of an unborn child. Every parent would like to secure the future of their child by choosing the best financial instruments. A strong financial foundation will help your child grow confidently, and you will be able to provide for all of his financial needs. These plans will provide the child with a guaranteed income to continue education even in the absence of parents.

Suggested plan – Generali Assured Future Education Plan

Number 3. Need – Financial security for loved ones in your absence | Solution – Urgent plans

Term life insurance provides financial security for your loved ones in the event of your unexpected death. It is also the simplest and most cost-effective type of life insurance.

Suggested plan – Future Generali Urgent Plan with Bonus Return

No. 4. Need – Financially secure health | Solution – Health Plans

Having a health insurance plan is almost like having a blessing in disguise. In today’s fast paced life, a health insurance plan is critical to managing your funds in the event of an emergency. BUT

Suggested plan – Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance Plan

No. 5. Need – Monthly income for retirement | pension plan

The retirement plan offers you a monthly income option that helps you plan and save today for a secure, independent tomorrow. In addition, payments from pension plans are also tax-free. In addition, pension payments are not taxed.

Suggested plan – Future Partner Plan Generali Lifetime


In conclusion to the topic “5 things to have in your financial portfolio”, it is clear why you need a reliable financial portfolio, what you need to include in a financial portfolio and the features of a reliable financial portfolio. For more information visit Future Generali India Life Insurance website.


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