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GST AAR provides assistance in the field of agroforestry, being education and training for farmers

[ad_1] The Early Decision Authority (AAR) of the State of Karnataka has ruled that services to train and educate farmers in agroforestry through scientific research and knowledge are exempt from goods and services tax. A panel of two MPs, Ravi Prasad and T. Kiran Reddy, sees that the applicants, through their mara-mitras, not only teach […]

GST Notice U/S 125 Cannot Deny Amnesty Program Benefits

[ad_1] The Rajasthan High Court ruled that the benefit of the amnesty scheme, Sabka Vikas Probate Dispute Resolution Scheme2019 will not be denied solely on the basis of a notice-request under Section 125 of the GST Act issued to the taxpayer. Candidate, M/s Sonjoli Construction Co, before the court submits the application filed through them, […]

A deposit under Section 35F is different from a debit in a GST electronic credit book.

[ad_1] The Allahabad Court of Appeal for Customs, Excise and Services Taxes (CESTAT) held that the required deposit under section 35F of the Central Excise Act, 1944 could not be debited to GST electronic credit book. Applicant M/s Johnson Mathey Chemical India Pvt. OOO contested an appeal order dated 25 January 2022 issued by the […]

Goods and Services Tax Exemption Available for Hearing Aids, Not Accessories

[ad_1] A person is not required to file a Goods and Services Tax on a hearing aid. But the man has to pay 18% GST rate on parts and accessories. The rate is set by Karnataka Advance Decision Authority (KAAR). Experts advise businesses to choose correct HSN (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) to avoid any disputes […]

HC revokes No Hearing Order U/S 74(1)

[ad_1] The Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court, headed by Judge M. Nirmal Kumar, rejected the assessment order issued without adequate opportunity for a personal hearing under section 74(1) Goods and Services Tax Act. Applicant, M/s. Anantham Silks traded in textiles and clothing. During the investigation, the team identified some inconsistencies in the dealers’ […]

Easily calculate the GST (tax) on a train cancellation ticket

[ad_1] Indian Railways fulfilled the demands of different people throughout the year. The demand for train tickets is growing due to the festival. People often book tickets in advance to confirm their seats. But some people need to cancel their tickets in order to amend their plan or other last-minute issues may arise. Cancellation fees […]

FM asks SC to open window for GST loan application with renewal

[ad_1] Ministry of Finance before the Supreme Court, extension of the deadline to open a special window for applying for a transitional loan up to 30 days as the GSTN has limited time to make amendments on the portal to facilitate filing. GST IT support, GSTN functions as a portal for the submission of declarations […]

Authorized for GST credit that is paid upfront on rent

[ad_1] In the recent AAR ruling, there is a lot of relaxation for all legal entities, as well as for companies, since now the GST tax credit can be used on initial rent. In the previous scenario, the same could not be taken. AAR Tamil Nadu when reviewing the facts and in the judgment dated […]

The confusion has been cleared! GST collection for marriage or goods and services

[ad_1] Currently, there is a message in the headlines claiming that the amount of Rs 96,000 should be provided as a tax on goods and services, while the marriage budget is 5 lakhs. Below is the claim incurred by mail. Demand: Rs 96,000 to be paid as Goods and Services Tax (GST), the marriage budget […]

Textbook Suppliers Can’t Be Trusted Institution

[ad_1] The society provides a textbook for students and is not treated as an educational institution or state government, Karnataka State Authority for Advance Rulings (AAR) articulated. The Applicant is requested to submit a Bid submitted by Karnataka Textbook Society (KTBS)the printing of school textbooks is notified by the Karnataka State Council. Applicant, Karnataka Textbook […]

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