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Section 80 Income Tax Deductions|With All in One Tax Calculator for the F.Y.2022-23

Worried about paying huge taxes every year? Know these deductions that can reduce your tax payable. Section 80C – Investment deductions from taxable income Some of your investments offer more than just expected returns. You can also save on taxes. Section 80C investments are important examples of such investments. This deduction is eligible for the individual and Hindu […]

Tips to save on taxes| With Automated Income Tax Preparation Software in Excel for the Non-Government Employees for the F.Y.2022-23

Tips to save on taxes| 1. Rent paid but HRA not received: You typically receive an HRA as part of your paycheck and treat the HRA as a primary tax-saving plan while you file taxes. However, there may also be a situation where it is not part of the employee’s salary. In such a situation, the standard […]

Income Tax Section 80GG | With Automated Income Tax Preparation Excel Based Software All in One for the Government & Non-Government employees for the F.Y. 2022-23

 Income Tax Section 80GG of the Income Tax Act provides for home rental deductions, subject to certain conditions. Some of them imply that you are an individual or a single Hindu family (HUF), self-employed or salaried, etc. Therefore, One of the most important tax deductions available to us is the rental of a house. This is provided for […]

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