Emergency Fund of the West Bengal Govt for Donate against fight Coronavirus,it is humble requested to all of people to donate to the Chief Ministe’s Emergency Fund for fight against Coronavirus



                                         Government of West Bengal

                                                   Finance Department 

                                                        Budget Branch


No. – 50-SB(SM)-20                                Howrah, the 23rd day of March, 2020

                       Subject: Constitution of the West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund

The State Government is required to take urgent steps to provide relief and assistance for combating emergencies which are not related to natural disaster.

2.  In order to effectively combat these unforeseen emergencies, it is decided to
create “The West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund” so that additional resources
are quickly mobilized to cope up with the situation and to provide immediate relief.

3. Object:

The purpose of the fund will be as follows:

(i) to provide relief to the people affected by the emergency situations.

(ii) to assist the State Government for creation/upgradation of infrastructure and other logistics to cope with the emergency.

(iii) to provide funds for transportation and rehabilitation for persons affected by the emergency.

(iv) to provide fund for mass awareness among the public about the emergency and ways to prevent it.

(v) to provide funds for R&D/ development of newer methods / techniques for affectively coping with the emergency.

(vi) any other aspects related to prevention and control of situation arising out of emergency.

4. Source

The contribution to the West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund may be received in cash and kind from the following sources: –

(i)  Donations/contributions from Charitable Institutions/ Organizations/ Trusts and individuals.

(ii) Contribution from the State and Central Public Sector Companies. (iii) Contribution from the Private Sector Companies.

  (iv)  Any other source as may be deemed appropriate.

5. The said Fund shall be operated by the Finance Department.

6. Manner of Administration of the Fund.

(a) The criteria as well as the amount for allocation for specific purposes, shall be decided by a Committee to be known as the West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund Management Committee.

(b) The Managing Committee shall comprise of the following –

i.      Chief Secretary to the Government of West Bengal, – Chairman

ii.      Secretary to the Government of West Bengal, Finance Department –

Member will act as convener,

iii.       Secretary to the Government of West Bengal, Home Department –


iv.      Secretary to the Government of West Bengal, Disaster Management and

Civil Defence Department –    Member

(b) The Committee shall determine its own procedure.

7. All cash contributions received in the fund shall be kept in a dedicated Bank Account to be opened for this purpose.

8. The fund will be audited by a Chartered Accountant firm empanelled by the Accountant General, West Bengal.

9. Joint Secretary, Finance will act as the Nodal Officer for managing the contributions received under the fund. Details of the Nodal officer are as follows:

(i) For contribution in Kind: Shri Sanjay Bansal, IAS, Secretary, Health, Mobile: 9051022000, email: [email protected]

(ii) For contribution by Cheque/ Draft/ Online payments: Shri. Khalid A. Anwar, IAS, Joint Secretary Finance, Mobile: 9903236466, email: [email protected]

10. Details of the Bank Account for the West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund are as follows: Bank: ICICI Bank Ltd., Branch: Howrah, A/c No: 628005501339, IFSC Code: ICIC0006280, MICR Code: 700229010


H.K. Dwivedi                                                                                                             Additional Chief Secretary , to the Govt of West Bengal,

West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund

The West Bengal State Government Appeals ALL to contribute in West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund and assist the State in prevention and control of situation arising out of unforeseen emergencies like COVID-19 (CORONA).

The contributions can be made Through Cheque / DD / Debit Card / Credit Card / UPI and kind. Bank details for Cheque / DD / Debit Card / Credit Card / UPI contribution are as follows: A/c Name : West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund Bank : ICICI Bank Ltd., Branch: Howrah A/c No : 628005501339 IFS Code : ICIC0006280 Swift Code : ICICINBBCTS MICR Code : 700229010 For contribution in kind contact : [email protected] For further details : Click Here Please CLICK the ICON below to make ONLINE PAYMENT
State of West Bengal Finance Department

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