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Indian stock market update: Indian stock market structure is undergoing changes: Rushab Sheth, Karma Capital

Indian markets, like many other markets in the world, are undergoing structural changes, says Rushab Sheth, co-founder and co-CEO at Karma Capital Advisors. “We expect that market leadership may change in the future. Everything goes through a cycle, and we think there is a possibility that this cyclical shift will lead to a change in […]

Short Term Capital Gains Tax

Gains/profits from the transfer of a short-term capital asset are considered “income” by an individual and are therefore subject to taxation under the India Income Tax Act, 1961. Capital gains is the profit that an investor enjoys after selling a capital asset. Capital asset is an umbrella term which includes land, house property, building, gold, […]

Whether Advance received from Overseas Patients is Capital or Revenue Receipts?

Facts and Issue of the case Present appeal has been filed by revenue against the order dated 28.12.2018 passed by the Ld.CIT(A)-2, Bangalore for Assessment Year 2014-15 . During the year under consideration,  the  assessee  in  the balance sheet filed along with the return of income under the head “Sundry Creditors” had shown  an  amount  […]

Capital Gain Tax Exemption in 2022

Capital Gains Exemption can be claimed under the Income Tax Act by reinvesting the amount in either purchasing/ constructing a Residential House or by reinvesting the amount in Capital Gain Bonds. The seller of the asset either has the option to claim exemption or pay 20% Long Term Capital Gains Tax. (Refer: Computation of Long […]

Capital gains tax on the sale of real estate in India in 2022

Capital gains tax on the sale of property in India is levied based on the length of time the property has been in the possession of the seller. If the property has been owned for less than 2 years it will be classified as a short term capital gain and if the property has been […]

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