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3 sectors where Kunj Bansal is bullish in the medium term

[ad_1] “Automotive subsidiary stocks called Sona BLW are stocks that look good to me. The company is doing very well and will continue to grow. I hope the results for the June quarter will also be good,” he says. Kunj Bansalfounder of Investment-illiteracy.com. In general, given that the market structure has changed and there is […]

Kunal Botra: 2 promotion ideas from Kunal Botra for the coming week

[ad_1] “I am very positive about the market, at least in the short term. The base has definitely moved up from 15700 to 16000 by Elegant,” said Kunal Bothra, kunalbothra.co.in. Edited excerpts: Bank Nifty came back strongly and short covering was in place for many individual stocks. The biggest positive sign was that many large-cap […]

graceful: Dalal Street Upcoming week: 16000 likely to provide strong support to the market

[ad_1] Having taken a breather a week before this one, the stock markets resumed their upward movement. The main index continued to pull back and passed several important levels while defending key support levels. Over the past five sessions, the market has remained mostly on an upward trajectory of growth, with the exception of consolidation […]

excellent technical view: Technical view: Nifty50 forms an indecisive candle, but further growth is possible

[ad_1] Nifty50 on Friday rose for the third session in a row, but formed a bearish candle on the daily chart, reminiscent of a hanged man. The 50-batch index managed to close above 16,200. Analysts say momentum remains positive as long as the index stays above 16,170. Mazhar Mohammad of Chartviewindia.in said that despite a […]

gracefully: more than 1%, FPI become net buyers

[ad_1] A sharp correction in crude oil prices, a strong refresh in business activity for the June quarter, and net buying by foreign funds, after a long time, fueled a rally in Indian equities on Wednesday, with Sensex and Elegant adding more than one percent each amid weak Asian markets amid rising global concerns about […]

nifty50: technical view: Nifty50 sees strong sales; consolidation may continue

[ad_1] New Delhi: Nifty50 there was selling pressure on Tuesday once the price reached 16,000. The index wiped out all intraday gains, eventually forming a bearish candle on the daily chart with a long upper wick reflecting weakness at the high. Analysts say the index’s ongoing consolidation could continue, with the 15,650-750 levels likely to […]

Nifty: Will Nifty repeat history and bounce back in July after a three-month slump?

[ad_1] Mumbai: U.S. inflation, geopolitics and possible recession concerns remain, but markets there could still be a rebound in July, based on historical data that shows the indices are trending higher after falling for three consecutive months. Reference Elegant decreased by 4.85% by the end of June due to falling metal prices, pharmaceuticals as well […]

Nifty 50: technical view: Nifty50 remains in a consolidation range; offset is positive

[ad_1] New Delhi: The Nifty50 broke a three-day losing streak on Monday, forming a bullish candle on the daily chart. Analysts say the index may remain in a positive-slope consolidation range until it breaks the 15,900 level decisively higher. They see strong support for the index at 15,700. The near-term trend of Nifty50 remains positive […]

Nifty: Nifty Needs To Hold Above 15,800 To Move To 16,300: Analysts

[ad_1] Technical and derivatives analysts see Elegant support at 15,500 this week. If the index manages to hold above 15,800, it could rise to 16,300, analysts said. Nifty gained 0.3% last week to close at 15,752.05 on continued selling in foreign currencies. investors. CHANDAN ANALYST OF DERIVATIVES, Where is Nifty going? Nifty canceled the formation […]

Oil: A contingency tax could erode oil companies and refineries’ revenues by 5-15%

[ad_1] As a general rule, refiners are assigned an EV/EBITDA multiple of 8 to 9 times the productivity improvement cycle; this could drop by a factor of 1-2 due to the contingency tax and uncertainty over the end of recently introduced export restrictions. Synopsis Shares in refineries and exploration companies fell last week after the […]

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