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excellent technical view: Technical view: Nifty50 forms an indecisive candle, but further growth is possible

[ad_1] Nifty50 on Friday rose for the third session in a row, but formed a bearish candle on the daily chart, reminiscent of a hanged man. The 50-batch index managed to close above 16,200. Analysts say momentum remains positive as long as the index stays above 16,170. Mazhar Mohammad of Chartviewindia.in said that despite a […]

technical view: technical view: Nifty50 above 50-day SMA; possible further growth

[ad_1] New Delhi: Nifty50 closed above its 50-day simple moving average on Thursday and formed a bullish long wick candle on the daily chart. Analysts say that after the breakdown of the 15,900 level, the technical setup of the index looks positive. They believe a break above the 16150-175 range could attract further buying. During […]

nifty50: technical view: Nifty50 sees strong sales; consolidation may continue

[ad_1] New Delhi: Nifty50 there was selling pressure on Tuesday once the price reached 16,000. The index wiped out all intraday gains, eventually forming a bearish candle on the daily chart with a long upper wick reflecting weakness at the high. Analysts say the index’s ongoing consolidation could continue, with the 15,650-750 levels likely to […]

Technical view: Nifty50 remains in a consolidation range; 15,900 for the barrier

[ad_1] Nifty50 On Friday, a Hammer-type candle formed on the daily chart. On a weekly basis, it was a bearish candle with a long lower wick. Analysts say the index is in a consolidation range, where it has strong support in the 15,500-15,600 range and a barrier in the 15,900-950 range. A decisive break from […]

Technical view: Nifty forms a Doji candle; consolidation is underway

[ad_1] Nifty50 Thursday saw selling pressure around the 15,900 level as it eventually closed near the opening levels, forming a long-legged doji on the daily chart. Such a candle indicates the indecision of traders. Analysts believe that for a directional movement, the index needs to get out of the range of 15,600-900 points. Usually, the […]

Technical view: Nifty50 bulls are not ready to give up; pulse is positive

[ad_1] Nifty50 fixed below 15,800 on Wednesday, although it formed a small bullish candle on the daily chart. Analysts noted that the index showed recovery in the last couple of sessions after seeing the beginning of the gap down, which is a positive thing. In addition, they noted that the selling pressure is quenched near […]

Technical view: Nifty forms a small bullish candle; possible revision of the level of 16000

[ad_1] Nifty50 Tuesday ended slightly higher and formed a small bullish candle on the daily chart. Analysts say the positive close after a gap-down start was positive. They expect the index to test the 16,000 level in the coming days. According to them, the index’s support remains at 15,700. During the day, selling pressure was […]

Technical view: after the disappointing gap, no additional buying will follow; 15 800 support key

[ad_1] Nifty50 on Monday rose for the third session in a row, but closed below the opening level, thus forming a bearish candle on the daily chart. Analysts say the inability to see follow-on buying after a gap-down start is disappointing. The index needs to hold above the 15,800 level for momentum to remain strong, […]

Technical view: Nifty50 bulls expect more gains, 15,850 key hurdles ahead

[ad_1] Nifty50 the gap started on Friday, but it failed to significantly increase profits. As a result, the index formed a small bullish candle on the daily chart. As a result, a Harami candlestick formed on the weekly chart. The weekly pattern is a bullish reversal pattern and one would expect the Nifty50 to see […]

Technical view: Nifty forms a bullish engulfing candle, the index is ready to jump to 16,800

[ad_1] The NSE Nifty 50 closed higher on Thursday after dropping for four days in a row. The index has formed a bullish engulfing candle on the daily charts in the process, suggesting bullish sentiment. Nifty50 opened on a negative note at 16,263.85 and fell to 16,243.85. However, buying appeared at the lows throughout the […]

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