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Anil Kumar Goel’s portfolio: Anil Kumar Goel remained invested in equities in the first quarter, which are down 67% from their 2017 high.

Experienced Investor Anil Kumar Goel and his wife Sima Goel remained in place in the June quarter, even as the sums remained under pressure for a long time. Anil Kumar Goel owned 6,500,000 shares or 2.76% of the company’s shares as of June 30, the same as in the March quarter. Sima Goel, on the […]

Stock market portfolio: afraid Nifty will get even wilder? Go beyond the 60/40 formula to protect your portfolio

FROM Elegant 15 percent below its all-time high, and with many analysts saying valuations now look reasonable, investors are wondering if they should increase their holdings in equities and buy fears on Dalal Street. However, geopolitical tensions, fear of a global recession, rising interest rates and rising commodity prices could prolong the suffering for equity […]

5 things you need for a strong financial portfolio

Save money and money will save you! At every stage of our lives, we need money to meet our ever-changing needs at different stages of life. Having a solid financial portfolio is essential to meet these needs. As a result, people invest in high-risk funds believing that they create a strong financial portfolio; however, their […]

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