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Eknat Shinde on the floor: The government of Maharashtra, led by Eknat Shinde, will face a floor test today

The government of Maharashtra, led by Eknat Shinde, faces a floor test today after a big victory on Sunday when BJPRahul Narvekar was elected speaker. A special two-day session of the State Legislature comes after a tumultuous political drama in a state where a new rebel-led government Shiv Sena MLA Shinde came to power by […]

BJP Meets Governor Seeking Control Job for Uddhava Government

The Maharashtra BJP unit met with the BS Governor on Tuesday evening. Koshyari and asked him to ask Government of Maha Vikas Agadi take a floor test to prove your legal age. On Tuesday, a delegation led by Maharashtrian opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis met with Koshyari at Raj Bhavan and asked for a pre-test, stating […]

Uddhav Thackeray resigns: Uddhav Thackeray planned to retire on June 22, but plans have changed: here’s why

Faced with an uprising within his ranks, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray was ready to resign June 22 at 5 p.m. after it became clear that there was “no way out” of the political crisis facing the Maharashtra government, but MVA allies persuaded him not to resign, the sources said. Sources said that […]

Shiv Sena sends senior Supreme Court lawyer to warn insurgents

Shiv Sena legal eagles were brought in on Sunday to argue their position that Shiv Sena’s parent organization (uddhav camp) has the power to disqualify Shiv Sena’s MLA. On Sunday, Sena fielded Devadatta Kamata, the elder. Supreme Court a lawyer who hinted that Shiv Sena’s rebel MLAs were being given the wrong advice that they […]

Whatever happens in Maharashtra is not good, they sell horses there: Ashok Gehlot

The BJP is involved in the horse trade in Maharashtra, as it was in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Congress leader and chief minister Ashok Gehlot Saturday supposedly. He said that the ongoing political development in Maharashtra is a bad sign for democracy. His statement came as the Maha Vikas Agadi government in Maharashtra fought to […]

No national party is in contact with us: Eknat Shinde

The day after claiming that the “powerful national party” was backing his MLA group in the ongoing political drama in Maharashtra, Shiv Sena Rebel Eknat Shinde said on Friday that no national party is in contact with them. asked if BJP supported his group, Shinde told the TV channel: “When I said that we are […]

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