The Benefits of Income Tax Return Filing With Automatic Income Tax Preparation Excel-Based Software All in One for the Salaried Persons for F.Y.2024-25 as per Budget 2024

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Income Tax Return Filing Simplified

The process through which taxpayers provide information about their income and expenses to the Income Tax Department is known as Income Tax Return Filing. When filing a late return, specific losses cannot be carried over.

Filing Income Tax Returns in India

The Income Tax Act of 1961 & the Income Tax Rules of 1962 mandate that individuals file income tax returns with the IT Department at the end of each fiscal year. These returns must be filed before the specified deadline. Each Income Tax Return Form caters to a specific group of taxpayers. The Income Tax Department of India processes only the forms submitted by competent assessors. Hence, it’s crucial to determine the appropriate form for each case based on the Assessee’s income and categorization.

Significance of Income Tax Return Filing in India

Outlined below are the significance of Income Tax Return Filing:

1. Adjustment of Capital Losses and Gains

Filing Income Tax Returns becomes especially advantageous if your primary investment strategy involves capital market speculation. Even if your annual income falls below the basic exemption level, filing an ITR can be beneficial as it allows you to offset capital losses against capital gains. Additionally, filing ensures that any losses incurred can be carried forward for up to eight consecutive years, contingent upon the filing of returns for the respective Fiscal Year.

2. Simplified Tax Refund Process

To claim tax refunds, it’s imperative to file income tax returns for the fiscal year in which tax deductions, such as those under sections 80C and 80D, are applicable. Whether you’re an NRI subject to TDS on rental income or have TDS deducted from fixed deposits, filing returns is a prerequisite for claiming a refund. Once the ITR filing for the year is completed, refunds can be claimed online through the designated portal.

3. Ease of Obtaining Loans

Apart from serving as a crucial financial document, your income tax return filing acts as proof of income, detailing all earnings within a fiscal year. Consequently, NBFCs and other financial institutions often require this documentation when processing loan applications. Hence, filing a return, even with a lower taxable income, can work to your advantage.

4. Streamlined Tax Deduction Claims

Individuals earning above Rs.3 lakh (the basic exemption limit) seeking to claim multiple exemptions to reduce their income to that level must file their ITR for the respective fiscal year. Even in the absence of tax dues, filing a tax return is necessary to avail of future deductions. Thus, understanding the timing of income tax return filing is crucial.

5. Facilitated Acquisition of Assets/Foreign Assets

Owning foreign assets mandates accurate filing of income tax returns online, extending to movable assets such as bank accounts. Non-compliance with this requirement may lead to substantial fines and is considered a serious economic offence.

Variants of Online Income Tax Return Filing

Online Income Tax Return Filing encompasses various forms:


This form caters to residents whose total income for the fiscal year 2021-22 comprises salary or pension, income from a single-house property, and other sources excluding lottery winnings and income from racehorses. Certain individuals, such as those with total income exceeding Rs.50 lakh or possessing capital gains, are ineligible to use this form.

Income Tax Return or ITR-2

ITR-2 is designed for individuals and Hindu Undivided Families with income from salaries, house property, multiple sources, directorship in a company, or holding unlisted equity shares during the fiscal year. Certain exclusions apply, such as income from business or profession.

ITR-3 Form

Suited for individuals or Hindu Undivided Families engaged in exclusive business or property business, ITR-3 covers earnings from various sources including real estate, salary/pension, and pay received as a business associate.

ITR-4 or Sugam

ITR-4 applies to individuals, HUFs, and Partnership businesses with income from business, profession, salary, or annuity within specified limits. Certain restrictions apply, including total income exceeding Rs.50 lakh or having income from multiple residential properties.


Income Tax Returns (ITR) serve as a crucial framework for taxpayers to report their income and taxes to the tax authorities. Governed by the Income Tax Act of 1961, understanding the various types of ITR forms is essential for accurate filing and compliance with tax regulations.

Download Automatic Income Tax Preparation Excel-Based Software All in One for the Salaried Persons for F.Y.2024-25 as per Budget 2024

The Benefits of Income Tax Return Filing With Automatic Income Tax Preparation Excel-Based Software All in One for the Salaried Persons for F.Y.2024-25 as per Budget 2024